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Water Supply

Water supply is one of the important municipal s ervices. The service levels of the water supply system in Bhind are assessed by per capita wa ter supply; percentage of storage capacity and percentage of treatment capacity. In general water is a scarce resource in the State of Madhya Pradesh but the availability of underground water in particularly in Bhind Town is ne ar sufficient. The supply timing is only for few minutes in a day. Therefore water supply is a crucial urban service that needs a special attention. In Bhind town the Public Health Engineering Depart ment (PHED) is responsible for production and distribution water supply.

Ground Water Resources Availability

The total no of blocks in Madhya Pradesh is 313, out of this 27 blocks falls in Semi Critical, 6 in Critical, and 20 in over exploited and the remain ing 260 falls under safe categories. District Bhind falls in the safe category. The block wise stage of development and category is presented in following....

Block wise Ground Water Resources
Block Level of ground water
development (As per 1998)

Non Command Command
Net availability
Non Command Command
Ater 40.96 10.66 Safe/ Safe 9339.18 2873.69
Bhind 27.64 08.41 Safe/ Safe 8710.68 5083.58
Gohad 23.26 6.24 Safe/ Safe 7454.93 6695.99
Lahar 31.87 11.30 Safe/ Safe 8615.14 4122.74
Mehgaon 40.40 7.85 Safe/ Safe 10450.96 5710.07
Ron 30.09 27.09 Safe/ Safe 2520.35 3252.50

As per study conducted by the Central Ground Water Board, North Central Region, to see changes in the ground water regime, monitor water quality and study changes in ground water quality of the area with respect to time and space in MP, the water level data of May 2006 and the map of the depth to water level contour (refer to fig. 7.1 ) drawn reveal that in general the depth to water level in Madhya Pradesh ranged between 5 and 20 m bgl. Very deep wa ter levels more than 20 m.bgl. were seen in some small pockets spread in parts of Bhind and Mo rena etc. the same process was repeated in the month of November (refer to fig.) and the depth to water level again ranged between 2 and 10 m bgl in entire Madhya Pradesh, except in patches and de eper water levels in northern Madhya Pradesh. Very deep water levels more than 20 m.bgl were seen in pockets spread in parts of Bhind, Morena, Datia and Gwalior districts. This shows that although Bh ind district falls in safe category of water extraction, but the water table is deepest here compared to other districts of Madhya Pradesh and also there is no change in water table between and summer and winter season. Figure 7.3 presents the Ground Water User Map, Bhind District, Madhya Pradesh.
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