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Trade & Commerce

In the last 35 years of the nineteenth century, the railway was the main artery of communication. East Indian Railway was easily accessible to every portion of the district. The chief exports were cotton, ghi, oil-seeds and imports-piece goods, metals, rice salt and sugar. Even ghi and wheat from adjacent areas of Gwalior were diverted to the railway stations in the district for export. The pattern of trade in the twentieth century was the same export of ghi, cotton, and other agricultural goods and import of cloth general merchandise, cotton-yarn and machinery.

However by the thirties, the growing of cotton declined sharply and by fifties there was no cultivation of cotton in the district. With the development of roads, the pace of trade has increased and besides the railway a large number of trucks operate in the district. The road to Bhind and Madhya Pradesh has been bridged and now there is a continuous flow of goods and passenger traffic on his road. Ghi and food-grains are the main commodities of trade. Ghi is transported to as far as Punjab in the west. Bengal in the east and Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Bombay in south and south-west. Wheat is the main food-grain which is transported to the adjoining districts from the wholesale markets of the district.

The other important commodities of internal and external trade are gram, paddy, pulses and oil-seeds. The production of handloom cloth has also increased since 1972-73.Bhind, Auraiya, Etawah and Jaswantnagar are the main trade centres of handloom cloth. Fish is available in the rivers and lakes of both the districts in large quantities. Fish is sent to Delhi, Bihar and Bengal.

In 1974, there were 1279 km. of metalled roads in the district, which connect the various trade centres in the district and also link them with the adjoining districts and states. There are 3 railway stations and the Northern Railway runs for a total length of about 70 Km. in the district. The infrastructure of the district thus adds to the increasing trade. Approximately 58,830 persons were employed in trade and commerce in 1990 in Etawah and Auraiya districts jointly. There were 530 licensed traders in the district Bhind and also earned their livelihood from trade and commerce.

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