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Bhind is a good place to visit for those who love nature as it is full of natural god gifts. Dense forests, rivers, lakes, historical places, waterfalls, old temples will enthrall you and make you thank god for his creations.

Alligator sanctuary:  This is 80 Km long area along the bank of river Chambal which is a reserved land for alligators. You can see freely moving alligators fiddling with their newly born babies along with other varieties of crocodiles. This place has been a favorite research site for many Indian and foreign scientists and biologists.

Sanakua waterfall: This waterfall on the Sindh river reminds of the Niagara fall. Water is falling from rocks into the river with a milky color and thundering noise. It is situated about 55 Km from Bhind on Mau road. Apart from this, there are 108 temples along the bank of river sindh which are said to be built by ginnies in one night.

Rawatpura sarkar: This is a temple of lord Hanumaan which is situated at a distance of 65 km from Bhind on Lahar road. This temple is spread in about 25 hectare of land having a pond, prayer hall, hotel, market, lord Rama temple, lord Shiva temple, park and many more. It is believed that priest of this temple directly interacts with lord Hanuman.

Vankhahwar tendesmple: This temple is situated on the bank of lake Gauri sarovar in the heart of Bhind. It was built by King Prithviraaj Singh Chauhan about 800 years ago, the same king who defeated Mohammad gauri 17 times. There are two clay lamps (Deepaks) which were lit by Prithviraaj himself at the time of inauguration of the temple which are still lightening in the temple. 

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