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The entire District lies in the Chambal valley. It forms the south western part of Ganga Valley. The Hills are only a few, small and isolated, mostly in the south west. It is only in the Bhind Tehsil that the rivers flow towards east. The topology of Bhind is the topography of the valley plains. The plains at present are closely cultivated fields devoid of trees, stubbed with shrubby growth only along the moist hollows, and thickly populated.The only divisions of topography are offered by the network of rivers with deep channels and steep bank. The widest plane of the district lies in the western part around Gohad, Mehgaon and Mau. The ravine lands extend along both sides of the rivers and their tributaries. These ravins were the ideal shelters and bypass routes of dacoits. The ravine areas are mostly unsuitable for cultivation and settlements. The district is crossed by a number of rivers and streams. The Chambal and the Sind are the main rivers of the district. The Chambal forms the northern boundary. As the 2 rivers are the tributaries of the Yamuna, they form parts of the Ganga drainage system. Aaprt from these, the other important rivers of the district are the Kunwari, the Pahuj, the Asan and the Vaisali.

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